Neighbourhood Arts Network

The Neighbourhood Arts Network is the place where arts and community engagement meet in Toronto.


Neighbourhood Arts Network is a Toronto-wide network of over 1,600 members, including artists, arts organizations, cultural workers and community agencies working throughout the City of Toronto, from North York to the downtown core, and from Etobicoke to Scarborough. We catalyze new discussions and relationships. We collect research and share information. We help artists and community organizations do what they do best: enrich Toronto and transform it into a more vibrant, beautiful, liveable city.

We launched the Neighbourhood Arts Network in 2011 after publishing a study into the challenges experienced by artists attempting to engage their local communities. The Neighbourhood Arts Network is a unique and invaluable network that connects artists, arts organizations, arts workers, and community agencies throughout the City of Toronto, with a strong focus on community-engaged arts. 

In 2015, Neighbourhood Arts Network presented 20 events with 24 partners, featuring everything from workshops and conferences to awards. Highlights of the 2015 roster of activities include: 

  • Newcomer Intiatives: made possible through sponsorships by TELUS and RBC Foundation 
  • Arts Equity Initiatives: workshops, discussions, and events, such as our Emergence Symposium in November 2015
  • Community partnerships and outreach: Neighbourhood Arts Network was able to present its series of events thanks to a diverse group of community and corporate partners. This allowed Neighbourhood Arts Network to work in neighbourhoods ranging from Etobicoke, North York, and St. James Town.