Sponsor Story: Rossy Family Foundation

The Rossy Family Foundation, Community Sponsor of Arts in the Parks, understands the benefit to communities in providing free access to the arts.

This year Toronto Arts Foundation’s Arts in the Parks is generously supported by Community Sponsor, The Rossy Family Foundation. Known for funding initiatives in both education and the arts, The Rossy Family Foundation was compelled by Arts in the Parks’ ability to reach Toronto’s underserved communities. Arts in the Parks encourages community building by providing free access to family-friendly arts events and activities across the city.

Larry Rossy, Board Director of The Rossy Family Foundation shared the following in regards to their sponsorship:

“The Rossy Family Foundation is pleased to support Arts in the Parks 2017 as part of our ongoing commitment to enriching Canadian lives and society. Individually, exposure to the arts provides us with a fuller life experience. Collectively, integrating the arts into our communities promotes strong, healthy neighbourhoods. Through Arts in the Parks, the Toronto Arts Foundation is bringing the arts to communities throughout Toronto in which cost and proximity are significant barriers to engagement with the arts. We are delighted that our sponsorship will allow more Torontonians to enjoy the arts together in their communities and give more artists the opportunity to inspire us.”

The Rossy Family Foundation was first introduced to Arts in the Parks in 2016 as a supporter of the Mayor's Evening for the Arts.