Toronto Arts Stats 2016

Toronto Arts Stats 2016 asks questions about arts engagement. For the third consecutive year, the impact of the arts on quality of life in Toronto is supported by the research results. The report touches on four themes: Arts Builds Cities, Arts Connections, Arts Everywhere, and Arts Support.

Toronto Art Stats 2016: A Public Survey of the Arts is a compilation of results from an online survey of just over 500 Toronto residents conducted in January 2016 through Leger’s online panel LegerWeb. Building upon previous work, Arts Stats 2016 reveals public opinions about the arts including how Torontonians see the arts as a way to attract tourists, improve the economy, create employment, and make the city more beautiful.

An overwhelming 96% of Torontonians see at least one benefit of the arts to the City of Toronto. The results of Toronto Arts Stats 2016 show that our vision of a Creative City: Block by Block is alive and well and supported by the residents of our city.


Toronto Arts Stats 2016 is a publication of Toronto Arts Foundation, compiled and edited by Margo Charlton of Toronto Arts Foundation and Erin Deviney of Leger with assistance from Toronto Arts Foundation Staff: Jennifer Green, Michelle Parson and Susan Wright.

Our thanks to Dave Scholz of Leger for his continued support of arts impact research.

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