What We Do

We are a charitable organization that sparks creative connections, spotlights artistic excellence, and supports vibrant cultural growth throughout our diverse city, through private sector investment. Join us in strengthening and celebrating our city through investment in the arts, enhancing and enlivening our city, enriching the lives of those within it.

Through sponsorships, legacy gifts and donations, we give voice to the arts, shine the spotlight on Toronto's exceptional talent and connect communities to the arts. 

The truth is the arts are business – big business. The creative industry's contribution to Ontario's GDP is greater than that of the energy industry, and the agriculture, forestry and mining sectors combined. Arts and culture contribute $11.3 billion annually to Toronto's GDP. Over 174,000 Torontonians work in the culture sector and 600,000 people in the country belong to the sector. Canadians spend more than twice as much on live performances in the performing arts than on sports events.

Our goals are to:

  • To increase private sector investment in the arts and public sector support for the arts.
  • To encourage artistic excellence, and broader recognition of the high calibre and achievements of Toronto artists.
  • To increase public engagement with the arts, from creation to participation to appreciation.

Our donors are encouraged to advise us of their area of interest, such as specific arts disciplines, community-engaged art projects, youth-engaged art or emerging artists. We manage several donor-advised funds which are used to support Toronto Arts Foundation Awards, including the Rita Davies Cultural Leadership Award, Emerging Artist Award, Emerging Jazz Artist Award and the Muriel Sherrin Award for International Achievement in Music.

Our sister organization, Toronto Arts Council, is the City of Toronto's funding body for artists and arts organizations. We work together to identify the needs of, and create opportunities for Toronto artists. Toronto Arts Foundation and Toronto Arts Council benefit by being run as sister organizations, sharing executive leadership, resources and office space to help reduce administrative costs and to ensure the exchange of knowledge.

For more information on accountability and how Toronto Arts Foundation funds are being used, download our Annual Reports.