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Did you know that volunteers are a driving force behind thousands of productions, events, festival, exhibitions and other cultural happening in Toronto?

TORONTO ARTS VOLUNTEER NETWORK members, now over 1,100 strong, are amongst the first notified of the latest opportunities to volunteer in the arts.

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Toronto Arts Volunteer Bulletin advertises the latest postings from the Toronto Arts Volunteer Network

Current opportunity:

Local Artist Timebank Coordinator Position – Annex Chapter

The Artist Timebank is in its start up phase and we are ready to get our “feet on the ground” in the first community who will have a local Artist Timebank – the Annex.

Timebanking is a way to exchange time and talents within a community without the need for money. Instead of money, for every hour given doing something for someone or providing a resource, the giver receives a Time Dollar in their account. The Artist Timebank increases the quality of life for Artists by making their contributions valuable, through the use of Time Dollars. At the same time, it provides value to local businesses, professionals, arts organizations, arts schools and community groups through the circulation of Time Dollars and their affiliation with a thriving community initiative. In this way, Artists and the communities they live in strengthen and prosper.

At this time, we are looking for an energetic, creative, enthusiastic, community oriented person to be our first local Artist Timebank co-ordinator. We need someone who has some sort of roots in the Annex – living, school, work – and preferably connected to the Artistic or complementary economy communities. (If you are interested in this position in another community please specify and we will hold onto your application) The local coordinator will build relationships between the Artist Timebank and Annex Artists, businesses, professionals, arts organizations. The coordinator would reach out through whatever means makes sense and talk/write/ about the Artist Timebank and garner support , feedback and buy-in. We will be building the ATB on the ground and the Annex will be all set to start to exchange once the website is launched in the fall. Once exchanging starts, the local coordinator’s role will shift slightly to being a resource for the community as they engage in timebanking together.

Everyone who works for the ATB is compensated with a combination of Time Credits and money. The Time Credits can be exchanged for services once the ATB is up and running. The monetary compensation will also kick in once the ATB is funded, which we anticipate will be early fall. We are looking for someone who can contribute an average of 5 - 10 hours per week (to start), starting in late August. The monetary compensation will be $15.00 per hour (to start) and you will earn one Time Credit for every hour you work.

There is huge growth potential in this position and an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting and important initiative.

Please respond with a cover letter, detailing why you are jazzed about this position and whatever work or volunteer or life experience is relevant to it to by August 8th.

(see Volunteer Bulletin for more here)

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Looking for Volunteers? The Toronto Arts Volunteer Network can help!

Over the past few years, we have developed a large database of enthusiastic and qualified volunteers who are looking to donate their time and energy to interesting projects in the arts. The Toronto Arts Foundation sends out a bi-monthly volunteer bulletin to over 1,000 arts volunteers.

Volunteers' Stories

We’re proud of all the people who volunteer their time and talent to the arts in Toronto.

Here are some of their stories....

Why People Love to Volunteer in the Arts

Toronto’s arts organizations are fuelled by the energy of new interns and volunteers. Volunteers get the chance to work with the arts professionals making the shows happen, being part of the behind-the-scenes organization and planning that the audience never sees. Volunteers often get the chance to see shows for free and get to know professional artists they may not otherwise meet. Arts volunteers gain valuable experience in a wide variety of areas, building their resume and increasing their references that will open doors to work opportunities down the road. Arts volunteers meet other volunteers and professionals who - like themselves - love dance, music, visual art, film, and literature. Most of all, people volunteer in the arts to be part of the action in Toronto's bustling arts scene.

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Other Volunteer Opportunities

Other volunteer opportunities an internships are occasionally available at Toronto Arts Council and Foundation in administration. Board of Director positions are also often sought by the many arts organizations in Toronto. Keep reading to find out how to apply.